The association

OFFGRIDME.LIFE is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to raise awareness about Problematic Internet Use. Its actions include promoting a responsible use of the Internet, advocating for laws to regulate the addictive nature of applications and video games, informing on the use of the data people generate, and working with application developers to make digital products less addictive. We are based in Geneva, Switzerland.


  • We aggregate and analyze the most relevant research conducted on Problematic Internet Use.
  • We invite experts – scientists, sociologists, anthropologists – in the field of Digital Addiction to contribute to our mission.
  • We evaluate the addictive potentials of the most common applications and digital products.


You can make a donation, become a member of and purchase products from our online shop.

Our fixed costs

  • 120.- CHF / year  website and mails hosting
  • 100.- CHF / month for forms tool
  • 90.- CHF / month for the accounting and CRM
  • 60.- CHF /month for advertisement
  • 10000.- CHF / monthly salaries
  • 400.- CHF /  Accounting
  • 90.- CHF / month for the back office
  • 800.- CHF for the Press kit

Competencies we need

  • Fundraising and sales
  • Educational material graphic designer
  • Editorial and research
  • Translation service for our website and education material