OFFGRIDME.LIFE is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to raise awareness about Problematic Internet Use. Its actions/efforts include promoting a responsible use of the Internet, advocating for laws to regulate the addictive features/nature of applications and video games, alerting/informing on the use of the data users/people generate, and working with application developers to make digital products less addictive. We are based in Geneva, Switzerland.



  • We aggregate and analyze the most relevant research conducted on Problematic Internet Use.
  • We invite experts – scientists, sociologists, anthropologists – in the field of Digital Addition to contribute to our mission.
  • We evaluate the addictive potential/risk of the most common applications and digital products.
  • We work on creating a code of conducts for application developers.
  • We collaborate with partners on the subject of protection and use of digital personal data.


You can make a donation, become a member of and purchase products from our online shop.

Fixed costs

  • 120.- CHF / year for the website and mails hosting
  • 100.- CHF / month for forms tool
  • 90.- CHF / month for the accounting and CRM
  • 60.- CHF /month for advertisement
  • 10000.-CHF / month Salary
  • 400CHF / year Accounting
  • 90 CHF / month for the back office
  • 800.- CHF for the Press kit

Competencies that we need

  • Graphic
  • Education
  • Social worker
  • Fundraising and sales
  • Educational material designer
  • Editorial and research work
  • Translation service for our website and materials