High on dopamine

Companies who most profit from this smartphone addiction such as Apple, Google, Facebook  will never mention internet addiction as a real social issue and nether will typical News or tech publications. Why do you think that is?

  • The Attention economy is big business.
  • Whether you are Apple or Netflix, your entire business model is dependent on people being addicted to your services and you as the leading platform.

Our brains can only process so much information at a time, about 60 bits per second. If we are immersed in an app, or watching a show on Netflix or Disney’s streaming service, it’s game over for most other activities. Multi-tasking while we do it, is not the best.

Bright light and sleepless night for preschool children

It is known that humans are very sensitive to the effect of light however this hasn’t being examined in young children. A new study conducted by the University of Colorado  and published in the journal Physiological Report  shows that in preschool children there is a significant melatonin suppression in response to an evening of bright light exposure . It is important to understand the effect of light on your children and how it can effect sleep especially because sleeps helps the cognitive development  that persist later on in life and have a multitude of negative consequences. In order to understand how bright light  impact the development of young children researchers used  a light table and have children play in order to receive the light stimulus. There were 2 primary findings: melatonine was suppressed 90% in response to 1 hour of bright light before going to bed and the effects of bright light exposure were sustained even after the light stimulus had ended. About 30% of young children experience some kind of evening sleep disturbance so parents should avoid having their children exposed to bright light and immediately going to bed.