Parents are becoming more concerned by the negative effects of smartphones, social media and online gaming for their children. Excessive use can cause depression, lack of sleep and impulsive behavior in young people. For these reasons parents  set strict rules on how much time kids can spend in front of a screen.

However, according to a recent study by the University of Zurich, this could be detrimental to young people. Researcher Eszter Hargittai and her colleague Drew Ciongel wanted to know how such rules influence children’s academic performance when they are older.

The results are surprising: parents who restrict their children’s use of new media  may be acting unsuccessfully over a long period of time , particularly if they adduce homework time as the reason. Their children’s scholastic achievements at college lag behind the academic performance of same-age peers.

Researchers advise parents  to discuss proactively with their children and to spend time together using new technologies.