Free to play pay to win

We are going to focus on easy to play games on smartphones. It has to be easy to learn, all the different sections are short and each task can be completed in few bus stops.
The target of these games is everyone, the successful players are hooked like the Game Boy players . The more you play the more we are ready to buy , watch advertisements or give our personal data to advance faster in the game.

The Business Model

The “free to play, pay to win” model allows you to play for free but if you want to advance quicker you can buy bonuses. Personal data is used to to make the game more engaging by comparing your results with the one of your friends on social media.

Description of the addictive model

  • The game is very simple, funny and the rules evolve progressively in the game.
  • You can choose the  level of the game
  • You can change the game mode to diversify the gaming experience and this will allow you to never stop playing because you cannot advance in the game.
  • you have many  lives at first and then a new life after a while.
  • The game has a hypnotic melody.

The bonuses

Bonuses are tools to play more easily or longer. The basic bonus is the purchase of extra live to continue playing without waiting for the “free” life. The bonuses are the main source of revenue for the game’s creator. They are cheap and highly appreciated by players who use them to never stop playing. In general the game offers a daily bonus, which encourages you to use the game every day. They are also offered randomly or at the end of some game section or you can end up buying a bonus to have a free extra bonus. Frustration pushes you  to buy a bonus. Once you play a lot the difficulty increases and it is increasingly difficult or impossible to win without buying a bonus. Just after a defeat we offer a bonus to “catch up”. Some games offer  bonuses, inviting friends to play the game or asking you to comment on the game’s platform.
In the free to play model, pay to win the game must be very captivating and you are pushed to buy a bonus when the frustration goes up and you want to win the table on which you are blocked. It is practically the use of the crisis of lack, no longer able to consume grows to buy bonuses.