Excessive internet use  has a bad effect on the quality of our sleep, diet, mood and productivityOn Offgridme you will find a selection of academic studies, newspapers articles and contributions from our team of experts on problematic internet use. Our goal is to start a dialogue among families, companies and institutions in order to raise awareness about excessive internet use.

We support research and run surveys, create information material for families and develop practical solutions to improve your relationship with screens.

We think it’s time to disconnect more often and recharge while being disconnected. 

How Apps keep us hooked

Variable Rewards

Likes and notifications give us the need to check the phone frequently

Feedback loop 

Boredom is our worst enemy. Being hyperconnected keeps us busy

Content never stops

With infinite scrolling and auto-play you are saturated with endless information

Vanity metrix

Arbitrary numerical goals like the number of followers and shares give us a dopamine hit





Studies and News

Child campaigners ask Zuckerberg to Stop Messenger Kids

The standalone Messenger Kids app was launched in December 2017 with strict parental controls including contact approvals and safety filters to prevent children sharing inappropriate material. Facebook says that data collected from it will not be used for advertising purposes and the app contains no ads.

Behavioral Design

It’s a framework for intentionally and systematically changing human behavior through persuasive modifications of the physical and digital environment.


It describes and predicts how and why people behave the way they do. It’s also a set of practices for changing those behaviors.


Design and thinking tools are deliberately used to achieve specific behavioral outcomes.


Methods and ideas come from observations and experiments in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics.They explain how to achieve certain predictable behavior changes.


It is all about behavior change. Tools are used  to increase or decrease behavior frequency, make people start or stop doing something, doing it once or often.


It uses insights about how the brain operates as strategies for persuading people to change their behaviors.


When you use your smartphone app, the environment is your app’s user interface. Behavioral Design proposes tools for strategically modifying how these environments look and feel and how they respond to our behavior.


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