Unplug day

Turn off your phone and connect with people for the National Day of Unplugging, a 24-hour global hiatus from technology to show the value of disconnecting from our daily devices and reconnecting with ourselves and with what’s around us.

From sundown on Friday, March 1 to sundown on Saturday, March 2, people all over the world are putting their phones away.

National Day of Unplugging, the annual call for a 24-hour tech break is organized by Reboot, an American non-profit organization. It was launched 10 years ago when the smartphone was just emerging into popular use.  For one day, from sundown Friday, March 1, through sundown Saturday, March 2,  Reboot is asking people to join the National Day of Unplugging and discover how life was like before digital devices occupied most of our time.

“So give yourself permission to take a break today”, The National Day of Unplugging website says, “We increasingly miss out on the important moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our noses buried in our devices.”

The National Day of Unplugging recognizes the value and importance of technology in today’s world with the goal of encouraging people, especially digital natives who have grown up with ever-present technology, to be more mindful of their digital use. The day is not intended to be a one-off but rather a starting point to encourage people of all ages to embrace a healthy lifestyle by regularly setting aside unplugged time.