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Your search results is the digital detox booking platform.

                     (Starting in January 2018)

It’s time to help the world rejoice in living some regenerating offline moments. is building a network of getaway destinations where people enjoy fun and relaxing moments away from their smartphones.

We think it’s time to disconnect more often and recharge while being disconnected. 

We need your help. If you are the owner of an accommodation which uses eco-friendly practices; if you wish to offer a unique experience to guests looking for a moment of “digital detox”, please fill in the short questionnaire below.

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We will get back to you shortly with all the instructions on how to join OffGridme and become a “Digital Detox Oasis”

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OffGridme certified

Being Offgridme certified shows that your place has unique design and architectural features. It makes it easy for guests to disconnect, to disable the Wi-Fi completely, and offers non-digital entertainment (books, newspapers, board games, crosswords …)
At your place guests can sleep well because the rooms are quite and you offer good bedding and the possibility to choose among different pillows. You offer organic and local food and you have an environmentally responsible attitude towards water, electricity and waste.