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 The digital detox booking platform
Take a break from technology to connect with other people and with yourself.

CHF 0 to CHF 2 500  and Digital Health France are two non-profit organizations joining forces to raise awareness about Problematic Internet Use by developing information materials, conducting researches, offering training and selecting places to experience some digital detox moments. Our goal is to promote a healthier relationship with screens . We are based in Geneva and Paris.


Aggregate studies and newspapers articles about Problematic Internet Use, develop information material and offer tips to have a healthier relationship with your phone.

Build a network of getaway destinations and places in the cities where people can enjoy some relaxing moments of digital detox.

Organize tailor made workshops and seminars to understand the negative effects of hyper connection and the benefits of disconnecting. The goal is to achieve a healthy digital life.

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Being Offgridme certified

Being Offgridme certified shows that your place has unique design and architectural features. It makes it easy for guests to disconnect, to disable the Wi-Fi completely, and offers non-digital entertainment (books, newspapers, board games, crosswords …).
At your place guests can sleep well because the rooms are quite and you offer good bedding and the possibility to choose among different pillows. You offer organic and local food and you have an environmentally responsible attitude towards water, electricity and waste.

Disconnect to Recharge