Where Digital Detox happens

Excessive use of the internet and electronic devices has a bad effect on the quality of our sleep, diet, mood and productivity.

We think it’s time to disconnect more often and recharge while being disconnected.

That’s why we created OffGridme, a Booking platform and Guide  for places where you can digitally detox  for few hours during the day or where you can plan your next vacation.

Lauching in








Because it feels good to disconnect sometimes,  it feels good to discover the beauty of silence and nature. Recharging while being disconnected.

Take a break from your phone for few hours or for a full day. Grab a book or just enjoy what’s around you

Rediscover the beauty of silence.

Sleep on a comfortable bed. Choose the sheets and pillows that suit you better.

We make sure your room is completely dark at night and gets plenty of natural light during the day


Problematic internet use among teenagers in Switzerland


Percentage of time spent online by teenager during the day.

We selected  the best accommodation places in the World, in the countryside or in the city, where you can relax, enjoy the best sleep quality on a comfortable bed, in the comfort of a dark and quite room.

For us every drop of water counts.We use water reduction tools to optimize water consumption. We try to harvest raining waters and filter the grey waters.

Electricity from our solar panels and small wind mill is stored in batteries.Our goal is to be 100% off-the-grid.

Eat local and fresh food .Enjoy a selection of organic and Fairtrade drinks, teas and snacks in your room.

When it comes to waste, we work to recycle, repurpose, and reuse all that we can. We also like to see less plastic object around us

Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals

Winner of the Pulse 2017 start-up incubation program.
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